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From the architectural design to the selection of materials: every choice was guided by a profound awareness of protecting the planet for future generations.

costiera ligure - Capitolo Riviera
Preserve beauty

We are grateful to this landscape and wish to protect its inestimable value by engaging in ecological activities aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment. Inspired by the proximity of natural parks and marine nature, we were able to create a lodging in which hospitality, architecture and aesthetics are in balance.
Therefore preserving the value of our natural resources in an integral part of our mission.

Awareness and respect

For the renovation, ecological materials such as stone, wood and natural resin were used, while a photovoltaic and rainwater recovery system constitute some of our activities to safeguard our natural environment. We also believe that sustainability does not only concern the natural environment, but also the cultural one, which is why we support local employment, local products and collaborate with the community to contribute to social projects that improve the quality of people's lives .

Sustainable future as the only direction

From the plastic elimination policy to the carbon neutrality programme to offset carbon emissions, as well as the charging stations for electric cars: we are working to remain at the forefront of hotel sustainability and are always looking for new solutions that can help build a more sustainable future.


Your most frequently asked questions

Does the hotel use eco-friendly materials?

Yes, we are committed to using eco-friendly materials and reducing the use of environmentally harmful materials. We try to choose products with environmental certifications and promote the use of recycled and recyclable products.

What are the hotel's plans for sustainability?

We support local communities by purchasing materials from small local producers and actively participate in land protection initiatives. Inside our hotel we have adopted a plastic free policy, while the entire lighting system is LED. Home automation helps us reduce energy consumption and waste.

Does the hotel adopt any energy production system from renewable sources?

We have installed a 40kw photovoltaic system for the production of green electricity

What does the hotel do to promote water conservation?

Our rainwater recovery system allows us to reuse it to water the gardens, avoiding wasting drinking water resources.

How can I contribute as a guest?

Upon your arrival you will be given a handbook which you can consult to adopt eco-friendly behaviour and reduce consumption during your stay. We would be grateful if you decide to contribute to our sustainable commitment.