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An atmosphere of refinement and elegance that embraces the charm of the Ligurian Riviera. Welcome to an oasis where your stay is transformed into an experience of unparalleled harmony.

Hotel Capitolo Riviera 2
Our philosphy

Capitolo Riviera is a green sanctuary where luxury, natural beauty, and impeccable service are in perfect harmony with the Riviera, evoking passion, dedication, and hope for the future. Capitolo meaning “chapter” in Italian will write a new chapter in Nervi’s hospitality narrative.

Capitolo Riviera is guided by a profound respect for both people and nature, in it’s aim to provide an experience of comfort and luxury that renews and restores.

Suite hotel Capitolo Riviera
Vibrant green and endless blue

Nestled within the enchanting backdrop of the Ligurian Sea and surrounded by the lush beauty of Nervi's parks, the Capitolo Riviera hotel offers a truly unique environment. Each room has been thoughtfully designed to ensure a stay characterized by comfort and elegance. Moreover, some rooms boast a spectacular sea view, providing guests with the opportunity to admire the seascape directly from their private terrace.

Balancing hospitality and sustainability

Our commitment exceeds the simple concept of hospitality. While we provide truly unique guest experiences with customized services and activities, we are aware of our responsibility to act in a manner that ensures sustainability for future generations. This commitment is deeply rooted in our Italian heritage where the passion for hospitality and respect for the beauty of our land come together to create an extraordinary experience.

Hotel con parco - Riviera Ligure - Capitolo Riviera
A hotel within a park

Our redevelopment and extension project, led and executed by Studio "Parisotto + Formenton Architetti", originated from the desire to fashion a “hotel within a park” where the harmonious interplay of nature and architecture exist in perfect balance. The project challenged us to respect the architectural structure of a landmark while carefully expanding and improving it to embody the contemporary concept of “quiet luxury” that caters to the well-being and complete satisfaction of our guests within a natural setting. Capitolo Riviera seamlessly integrates with the enchanting garden that surrounds it, easing the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Balance and preservation

The historical landmark was preserved, emphasizing the use of original materials reminiscent of Nervi - exposed reinforced concrete and Verezzi stone. The expansion blends well with the original structure and features clean lines, a swimming pool, spa and elegant event hall, all designed to meet the needs of our guests. The design concept embraces a contemporary approach, offering spaces that are simple yet inviting and sophisticated. The interior decor harmoniously pairs Italian design classics from the 70s onward with custom pieces. The ambiance of Capitolo complements the pleasant Ligurian climate, it’s proximity to the sea and an informal lifestyle.