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Discover Liguria, a jewel nestled between the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic peaks of the Ligurian Apennines. From the picturesque medieval streets of Genoa to the seaside beauty of Portofino, and through the Cinque Terre: explore the rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes that make Liguria a place full of magic, and let yourself be enchanted by this region.

Cinque Terra 4/4 - Capitolo Riviera

The most elegant green oasis in Genoa can be found right here in Nervi. This jewel of the Riviera di Levante combines the lush greenery of the Mediterranean scrub with the deep blue of the sea. A village that boasts elegant and splendid Liberty-style villas with gardens, rose gardens, and orchards unique in the Mediterranean, designed to relive the refined lives of aristocrats from the past. Among its treasures, the Nervi Parks, with their 92,000 square metres of greenery and five monumental trees of unparalleled value, offer a unique experience, while the rose garden adds a touch of romance and poetry to this corner of paradise. Furthermore, Nervi boasts a rich cultural offering, with prestigious museums such as the GAM, the Giannettino Luxoro Museum, the Frugone Collections, and the Wolfsoniana, which further enrich the heritage of this enchanting area.


As the Nautical Capital and home to the largest aquarium in Europe, Genoa is the cosmopolitan city par excellence, the queen of the entire Mediterranean. Over the centuries, it has skillfully blended the spirit of a maritime city, marked by enterprise and picturesque vitality, with the charm and culture of its historic centre, exemplified by the Strada dei Rolli. This union has made the city even more captivating and alluring today.

Palazzi Storici Genova - Capitolo Riviera

The place where glamour feels at home: in the most spectacular stretch of the Gulf of Tigullio, you'll find Portofino, one of Italy's most famous destinations and a playground for the international jet set. This picturesque village is renowned for its pastel-colored buildings and narrow alleys, the typical 'caruggi,' with small shops and authentic restaurants, all surrounded by unparalleled natural beauty.

Cinque Terre

Five villages that have earned the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site and it's easy to understand why. The Cinque Terre represent one of the most pristine natural areas in all of Liguria. They are made up of 5 villages, each with its own character and uniqueness, but with one thing in common: an extraordinary stretch of coastline overlooking the Mediterranean which makes this place unique in the world.

Cinque Terra 1/4 - Capitolo Riviera
Riviera Ligure 2 - Capitolo Riviera

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