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Selezione di vini - Capitolo Riviera
Cocktail - Capitolo Riviera
Signature Cocktails and Wine Selection

Our Bar is the ideal haven for those seeking excellence in cocktails and wines. Here, our expert bartenders craft true liquid masterpieces, Signature Cocktails that will satisfy even the most refined palates, accompanied by surprising gastronomic delights. Our carefully curated wine selection offers the finest from Italian and international wineries. The ambiance, with its elegant design, seamlessly blends with the beauty of the surrounding nature, creating a magical atmosphere of serenity.

Exclusive Events and Entertainment

Choose whether to experience our Bar at your own pace or by participating in our exclusive events. Sip our drinks and let yourself be carried away by our evening entertainment. Our attention to detail and welcoming atmosphere make our Bar a special place to relax and enjoy an experience you can't wait to relive.

Bar 8- Capitolo Riviera
Bar 7 - Capitolo Riviera
Events Space

A welcoming space for memorable meetings, team building sessions, ceremonies or private events.