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Capitolo Riviera offers more than just relaxation; it is also the starting point for activities that will enrich your stay and allow you to discover the magic of Nervi and its surroundings. From maritime adventures to cultural experiences, there’s an activity for every type of stay.

Riviera di Ponente - Capitolo Riviera
Escursioni in Riviera Ligure- Capitolo Riviera

Did you know that Liguria is one of the most celebrated lands in poetry? Numerous poets, including lesser-known ones, hailing from this area, have been eager to praise its beauty. Discover these territories at your own pace, strolling along the coast and through the gentle landscape, with breathtaking vistas all around and authentic gems like the Nervi lakes or the Sant'Ilario trails waiting to be discovered. You will have an unforgettable outdoor experience, in silence, connecting with the poetry of nature.


If your passion is diving, let the Ligurian Sea become your playground. Nervi and the entire Portofino Marine Protected Area are excellent destinations for this sport. Among them, the dive to the Christ of the Abyss area stands out: a bronze statue resting at a depth of 17 metres.

Diving - Immersioni Nervi - Capitolo Riviera
Vela - Sport acquatico - Capitolo Riviera

Liguria, without mentioning Christopher Columbus, boasts some of the world's most prestigious shipyards and holds the top spot in terms of the number of marina berths. Imagine sailing on a luxury sailboat or participating in a regatta. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? As the global capital of yachting, Liguria is the perfect starting point for both enthusiasts and professionals in this sport. It's a passion, a belief, a way of experiencing the sea, much like life itself.


Liguria is the ultimate destination that offers you a complete golfing experience. We take care of your golfing needs with partnerships and private transfers to the finest golf clubs right by the sea and picturesque golf courses.

Campo da Golf esclusivo - Capitolo Riviera
Cinque Terra 3/4 - Capitolo Riviera

Explore Liguria, walk the streets of our cities and be enchanted by the age-old magic of this land rich in history.